Making Applying for an Auto Loan or Lease Easy: The Online Credit Application at Wilson Motors

Auto finance are two words that can intimidate many a Salem, OR customer.  Part of the reason is that the world of auto loans and leases can be mystifying.  There is a lot of terminology that gets used that isn't everyday speak if you don't work in the finance industry.  Another reason is that auto financing is often associated by lots of Eugene, OR customers with excruciatingly long waits and hours spent at the dealership wondering when the ordeal will end.  Wilson Motors, located at 1105 NW 5TH Street in Corvallis, OR, has a different approach to auto finance and has an online credit application that will change the way you see the vehicle purchasing process.

Saving You Lots of Time

Some Salem, OR customers might not realize that a good portion of the time you spend at a dealership involves getting you approved for an auto loan or lease.  The finance center is trying to get you the best rate and term available and, sometimes, that takes time to find.  There is a lot of legal and financial paperwork to print as well.  Lastly, sometimes you have the bad luck of being at the dealership on a busy day and there are people ahead of you.  The online credit application takes away a lot of that stress and hassle.  By applying for your car loan or lease before you arrive at the dealership, you can cut down at the time.  The finance professional can get you approved before you get here and streamline the entire process.

Easy to Use and Secure

With our online credit application, Eugene, OR customers can apply for an auto loan or a lease.  They can also apply by themselves, or jointly with a cosigner.  The application is simple, asking you some basic questions about your demographics, income, and employment history.  We also take the security of your personal information seriously so all information you submit to Wilson Motors will be encrypted for protection. Your information will never be sold to a third party without your permission.  You can complete the application right from the comfort of your own home.

Take Control of Your Time

Wilson Motors, in Corvallis, OR, urges you to take advantage of all this convenience.  Apply for your car loan or lease today and eliminate all the extra time at the dealership.