The Ford F-150 vs. Ram 1500 in Corvallis OR

The Best-Selling Ford F-150 vs. the RAM Competition

When it comes to choosing a new full-size pickup truck, the Ford F-150 and the RAM 1500 are two main contenders. We believe that the Ford F-150 is the bestselling car in the country for lots of good reasons, but some drivers show interest in the RAM 1500 as well. We've put together a brief comparison to help you find the right truck that suits your needs and your taste.

Should I Go with the Ford F-150 or the RAM 1500?

Every driver has their own "must-haves" for a new truck. Let's see how the Ford F-150 and the RAM 1500 compare on some of the more common "must-have" categories.

  • Strength - You buy a truck because you need a vehicle that isn't afraid of a little work out in Eugene or some rough conditions outside Lebanon. That means towing power, payload capacity, and pure horsepower. The 2018 Ford F-150 offers you up to 3,270 pounds payload capacity, 13,200 pounds towing capacity, 510 pound-feet of torque, and 450 horsepower. The RAM 1500? You'll only get up to 1,880 pounds payload, 12,750 pounds towing, 420 pound-feet of torque, and 395 horsepower.
  • Price - Looking for the best bang for your buck? Look to the Ford F-150. A 2018 Ford F-150 has a starting MSLP thousands less than the 2018 RAM 1500, and the V6 engine available in the Ford F-150 will cost you less at the Salem gas pumps than the RAM 1500's thirsty gas engines.
  • Safety - You want your truck to keep you safe and sound on the streets of Albany. The Ford F-150 SuperCrew boasts the highest possible five-star safety rating from the NHTSA. The 2018 RAM 1500 scored only four stars.

Make the Right Choice for Your Life Today

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