It’s inevitable when you live in Corvallis that the winter winds will start blowing and the snow starts falling. When the winter hits, it pays off to be prepared because without having the necessary equipment, you might have trouble navigating safely. At Wilson Motors, we know it can be tough getting your Ford car, SUV or truck in shape but we’re here to offer you some ways that might help make those preparations easier!

What Steps can You take to Winterize Your Car?

No matter how new the technology is in your Ford and how warm you are inside, things can go wrong with winter driving. Some steps you can take to prepare include:

  • Inspect or Replace Your Tires- You want to be sure your tires are sufficiently inflated to ensure you have proper traction on the slippery roads. You can give yourself a huge advantage by equipping snow tires which provide studded tread to better grip rough situations.
  • Monitor Your Fluid Levels- You’ll want to keep an eye on coolant, oil and even wiper fluid levels because, without the correct mixture, the fluids could be in danger of freezing inside your vehicle. This could cause harm to your engine and might mean you can’t make use of fluids you need while driving.
  • Inspect Your Battery
  • Keep an Emergency Kit in your Vehicle- This includes a flashlight, warm clothes and blankets, an ice scraper or brush and even a small shovel.

If you need help with getting your Ford vehicle in shape for winter, swing by our service center and we can help make sure everything is ready for the cold weather to hit. We’re happy to serve drivers from Salem, Albany and Eugene at Wilson Motors. Don’t be caught unawares by wintery weather! Let us help you get ready.

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