Winter is upon us, and we want you and your Ford car, truck or SUV to be ready. If you're unsure how to begin prepping your Ford Escape or F-150 for the inevitable snow-coated and ice-stricken Salem roads, our Wilson Motors service center is here to help drivers from Eugene feel confident about their vehicle's condition before the first snowfall. Here are things to be wary of as temperatures continue to drop:

  • When was the last time you gave your Ford Focus an oil change or had its tires rotated near Lebanon? Both maintenance tasks are as important in the winter as they are in any other season as they affect the overall well-being of your vehicle. Be sure to get both completed if you're overdue.
  • Consider winter tires. The part of your vehicle that is going to be interacting with snow and ice the most are your tires, so you'll want to ensure they're in good shape regarding tire pressure and traction capability. Winter tires are better at remaining flexible in lower temperatures, so they'd be a good investment on your Ford Explorer this year.
  • There are a few other vehicle components you should check on before becoming consumed in holiday preparations. Be sure your Ford's battery is in working order, your levels of coolant and washer fluid are solid, and your gas tank is always full. Each one of these things could easily be overlooked and could be the difference between you and a very tough winter driving-wise.

Bring your Ford car, truck or SUV into our service center, and our certified technicians will check your vehicle over to make sure you are in the shape you should be to drive safely on winter-induced roads around Albany. Schedule your next appointment online between Monday and Saturday to winterize your Ford Fusion today!

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