Most of us do a quick look over the shoulder and a glance in the rear view mirror to see what it looks like behind us. However, it is a lot safer to use a rear-view camera to get the best possible view of what is going on behind us. Believe it or not, that is where the majority of accidents are the most likely to occur.

Yes, the rear-view camera is great on the 2020 Ford Fusion, but there are other features from a technology prospective as well. The auto high-beam headlamps are a wonderful addition as well as they promote better vision when it is dark outside. That matters to a lot of people because once again, darkness can be a dangerous condition to be driving in. Fortunately, the 2020 Ford Fusion helps alleviate a lot of that danger. Consider these amazing features and purchase a 2020 Ford Fusion if that sounds right to you.


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