The Ford Ranger Adventure is designed to be an impressive vehicle for driving in Corvallis, OR and heading out on an off-road adventure. When you step into our showroom at Wilson Motors and take a look under the hood of this impressive mid-sized pickup truck you will find one of the most powerful vehicles in its range with impressive towing ability.

The Adventure has enough power to make sure you get to your destination when you are pulling a trailer or a camper from its 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine that can make you feel you are in an even more powerful truck. When you look to the benefits of the Ford Ranger Adventure you will enjoy the smooth and speedy changing of the 10-speed transmission along with 310lb-feet of torque that adds to your towing potential.

The Ford Ranger Adventure gives you the chance to enjoy the advanced twin-scroll turbocharger that allows gases to be pulled from the engine and used to provide more power for your engine.

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