The latest from Ford is the 2020 Explorer. This midsize SUV has several options and customization features, making it class-leading design for the market. According to US News & World Report, the Ford Explorer offers sharp handling, quick and accurate steering, and tons of horsepower. With 300 horsepower output in the base engine, you can expect the premium trims to take you even further with higher towing capacity and horsepower.

The towing capacity in this latest Explorer offers amazing hauling power for any boats and trailers in the premium trims like the ST and Platinum versions. The 2020 Ford Explorer is also packed with driver-assist features, making you safer on the highways with blind-spot monitoring and departure lane assist. There are additional fuel efficiency and savings with the EcoBoost Explorer lineup as well. You'll get a hybrid electric engine that can put out 318 horsepower.

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