Pickup trucks are undeniably American and immeasurably popular here in the Salem area, and across the country. At Wilson Motors, we understand the need for these useful vehicles, and we proudly carry an assortment of Ford brand pickups, with something sure to satisfy your needs in our collection.

Ford has mastered not only the art of producing quality vehicles, but also the fine craft of engineering a line of different pickup trucks that get the job done. From light-duty trucks to heavy-duty powerhouses, and everything in between, we have a truck that will suit you in our Corvallis inventory.

The first truck up in the Ford lineup is actually an old friend that took a long hiatus and just recently returned to our collection. The Ford Ranger pickup is the perfect truck if you want the usefulness of a truck in a vehicle that's a good size for both parking and driving. It's available in your pick of trim levels, and it comes in two different cab styles, either a crew cab or an extended cab. Best of all, it has a handy maximum towing capacity of 7,500 pounds.

Next up is the perennially popular Ford F-150 pickup. This powerful model is also available in your pick of cabs and trims, and it offers Albany and Eugene drivers a maximum towing capacity of around 12,000 pounds.

For drivers in the Lebanon and Corvallis area who need even more oomph from their pickups, we'd like to introduce you to the incredible Ford Super Duty models. Both the Ford F-250 and Ford F-350 have unbeatable amounts of power, with tens of thousands of pounds in towing capacity, and plenty of impressive payload ratings to go with it. The F-250 has a maximum tow rating of up to 25,700 pounds, while the F-350 can go up to 32,000 pounds.

Ready to see the entire Ford truck lineup and find the perfect one to suit your needs? Stop by and visit us in person on Northwest 5th Street and let us introduce you to all four of our great Ford pickup models. We'll help you get to know each one a little better, and help you choose the best one for your needs.

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