Plan Your Holiday Road Trip with These Travel Tips

For all of us at Wilson Motors, the holidays are a great time to make a road trip. Eliminate the stress of your travel by planning. Before heading off to Grandma’s house for turkey and pumpkin pie, check out these travel trips. We all know how awful it is to get stuck on the side of the road unprepared.

  • Take your vehicle in for an inspection at the dealership. Make sure to get all the fluids changed and topped off, and the tires rotated.
  • Check your roadside emergency kit. Make sure that you have water and snacks in case of an emergency. Also, check to make sure you have a flashlight with fresh batteries.
  • Plan your route. Use an app like Google maps to find the most direct route and make a note of rest areas and gas stations along the way.

Everyone at Wilson Motors wishes you safe and happy travels!

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