Stop and Check Your Fluids Before Trouble Starts

Fluids for your car are not luxuries. They are mandatory. When they become low or dirty, your car suffers. Our team here at Wilson Motors makes maintaining your fluids affordable. Customers can call, go online, or stop by for an appointment to have vehicle liquids checked at your convenience. Remember, if you have fluid problems on the road, they could have been prevented by scheduling an appointment and getting fluids checked.

Points to looked at on your fluid checklist:

  • Check brake liquids
  • Radiator fluids
  • Fluids in transmission
  • Steering fluids
  • Oil and filters

Walking is nice for leisure, but trying to get to work or travel at all hours of the day or night without a car can be inconvenient. Contact us today to set up your appointment and ensure that your vehicle has the best care possible.

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