There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Fiesta

We’ve all heard the expression that having too much of a good thing isn’t possible, and when you consider the new Ford model inventory you can see how that’d be true. There are so many excellent cars, trucks, and SUVs available that fit a versatile lifestyle and budget, particularly the Ford Fiesta that is packed with features. Not only is the Fiesta a great sedan and hatchback already, but it’s getting an upgrade for the new model year.

The 2018 Fiesta ST ditches a few things in favor of improving the overall style and performance, jumping from 182 horsepower to 197 horsepower. This is capable thanks to a 1.5-liter engine with three cylinders, which we expect will be a major draw for customers. In addition to dropping a cylinder, the Fiesta ST is dropping a door or two and will be offering a three-door coupe-like body style. We anticipate this release but have no date set in stone just yet, so stay tuned and be sure to come take a test drive of a vehicle that we have in stock.

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