6 Pro Tips to Step Up Your Windshield-Cleaning Game

We know you struggle to get your Ford's windshield perfectly smudge-free, and nothing seems to work. How could we know such a personal detail—have we been rummaging through your trash?

No, that's just the raccoons. Everybody struggles with windshield streaks.

In this video, Larry Kosilla runs through the process of getting a perfect streak-free windshield. Kosilla is a professional detailer who works in NYC detailing and restoring valuable classic and exotic cars for big-city executives, so we're confident his tips will get results.

A few tips to take away from the video:

  • Wash your hands, or wear latex gloves while cleaning to avoid contamination from greasy hands
  • Use a clean microfiber towel
  • Keep your glass towels separate from your other laundry to avoid contamination
  • Fill a spray bottle with half isopropyl alcohol, half water as your glass-cleaning solution
  • Clay bar the exterior windshield
  • Wipe up and down when cleaning the exterior glass, and side to side cleaning the interior glass to help figure out which side smudges are on
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