Check Out the 2018 Ford Explorer

The 2018 Ford Explorer is the perfect match for the serious driver. If you are serious about what you drive and expect a lot from your vehicle, then you will love the 2018 Ford Explorer. Come take one out for a test drive at Wilson Motors today to see what it is all about.

This is one vehicle that truly has it all. It can easily seat seven, it gets up to 24 mpg, and it has some seriously great features.

From the exterior to the interior, it will turn heads and create the ultimate wow factor in all who…
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2018 Ford Fusion: The Perfect Family Sedan

If you have been looking for the perfect car that the whole family can enjoy, look no further than the 2018 Ford Fusion. This mid-size sedan comes with comfort and safety features that make for a comfortable ride for friends and family. In addition, the performance upgrades will give any car lover an excuse to take a ride around the neighborhood.

The range of models ensures economy as well as power and performance, leaving no one unsatisfied. For those trying to save a little cash, the hybrid model ensures that trips to the gas station are uncommon. At the same…
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You're Better Off with GAP Insurance from Wilson Motors

If you are wondering what GAP insurance is and why you would ever need it, then listen up. GAP insurance, or guaranteed auto protection, is an extra set of insurance coverage that you can get to ensure that you are covered in the case that your car is stolen or totaled. Even if you have insurance, it may not mean that you are entirely covered. Your insurance will cover what they consider to be the value of your car, but if you owe more than that in car payments...

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Categories: , , Revels in Fast, Fun 2017 Ford Focus RS

Though it's only been around for a few short years, it seems to us at Wilson Motors that the Focus RS, Ford's hot hatchback, is fast making a name for itself.

Will the 2017 iteration continue this trend?

Click "play" on the clip below to make that determination; Road Test Editor Dan Ilika is here with the inside scoop:

The Focus RS's features roster is altogether exceptional.

Standard equipment includes a rearview camera, front Recaro sport seats, partial leather upholstery, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration, the SYNC 3 infotainment platform, an 8- ...

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6 Pro Tips to Step Up Your Windshield-Cleaning Game

We know you struggle to get your Ford's windshield perfectly smudge-free, and nothing seems to work. How could we know such a personal detail—have we been rummaging through your trash?

No, that's just the raccoons. Everybody struggles with windshield streaks.

In this video, Larry Kosilla runs through the process of getting a perfect streak-free windshield. A few tips to take away from the video:

  • Wash your hands, or wear latex gloves while cleaning to avoid contamination from greasy hands
  • Use a clean microfiber towel
  • Keep your glass towels separate from your other laundry to avoid...
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Ford Leaks Some Information About New ST Upgrade

In our last blog post we talked about the already exciting model in our inventory that is receiving quite the update. The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST is shaping up to be a worthwhile wait, but Ford has also announced some information about a new updated ST model. We don’t know specifics yet, but the 2018 Ford Focus ST is rumored to be receiving a bump in its performance from 252 horsepower, though we’re not certain as to how much just yet.

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There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Fiesta

We’ve all heard the expression that having too much of a good thing isn’t possible, and when you consider the new Ford model inventory you can see how that’d be true. There are so many excellent cars, trucks, and SUVs available that fit a versatile lifestyle and budget, particularly the Ford Fiesta that is packed with features.

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